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We build your plan of care based on a complete system of natural medicine.


Our Philosophy

We are a family of health care practitioners who have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of healing through natural medicine.   We look to combine the very best of ancient therapies, holistic healthcare and conventional medicine so our patients get better faster using the body's natural ability to heal itself.  The ability to heal exists within you!

Dr. Joshua Saul

Dr. Joshua Saul

"I love being an acupuncturist.  I love it because acupuncture  works!! It helps heal naturally without extreme side effects and treats a wide range of conditions.  It's intuitive and gives me the foundation to practice complete whole-listic medicine that fixes the cause of disease rather than just its symptoms."

- Dr. Josh


Our Services



Acupuncture treats a wide range of conditions because it focuses on restoring function to organ systems, muscles and tissue while working directly with the nervous system.  The process is virtually painless and the needles work to address the root cause of your problem not just the symptoms. 

Functional Nutrition

What we put in our body may be the most important aspect to establishing and experiencing perfect health.  Our bodies are amazing gardens that take the fuel we give them to think, act, grow, live, laugh and play.  We are able to explain where you might need to make changes in your diet and how those changes affect your health.   



If you only think of chiropractic care when you've hurt your back you're missing an opportunity to keep the entire body healthy.  While chiropractors are amazing at alleviating back or joint pain and other structural issues, resolving issues with the spine allows the mind and body to communicate more effectively.  

Herbal Medicine

The herbal formulas that we prescribe were developed from their use as therapeutic food over thousands of years.  There are literally hundreds of formulas available that can be used to treat everything from the common cold to shingles and more. Herbal medicine naturally helps you heal and improve your overall health without the unwanted side effects of many prescription drugs.  


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