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What we put in our body may be the most important aspect to establishing and experiencing perfect health.  Our bodies are amazing gardens that take the fuel we give them to think, act, grow, live, laugh and play.  We are able to explain where you might need to make changes in your diet and how those changes affect your health.   Ask us how eating differently can change your life.

Healthy food forks
Little girls fresh foods, functional nutrition Sandy Springs, GA

What do you mean by "Functional" Nutrition?


Functional nutrition focuses on how the foods we eat actually effect the body.  Whether it is the Paleo, Adkins, South Beach or some other new diet, we combine the highlights of many different ideas about the best way to eat with actual scientific evidence to find a program that works for your unique body.  


Functional Nutrition Challenges Conventional Diet Wisdom


We ask tough questions about what we've been told is a healthy diet.  Are healthy whole grains actually as healthy as we think?  What about saturated fats?  Sugar? Is gluten really a problem?


Eating a healthy diet plays an integral role in making sure the treatments we provide will create lasting changes in your health.  We build dietary recommendations around the healthy foods you enjoy and supplement the areas where you may not be getting enough of what you need.   

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