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Food is Medicine


The herbal formulas that we prescribe were developed from their use as food over thousands of years. Just as we use spices like nutmeg, pepper, coriander or other ingredients in our food today, the explorers of herbal medicine realized that these ingredients have medicinal effects on the body.  


Herbal Medicine: Proven Safe and Effective


We now have thousands of proven herbal formulas from which to choose when making recommendations for any specific condition and can often modify them to work for each unique patient.  As a food, herbs and herbal formulas generally have mild, if any, negative side effects making them easier to manage as a component in any plan of care.  The inclusion of herbs and an appropriate diet is vitally important to the success of acupuncture and Oriental medicine treatment.  

Herbal medicine pots, herbs, mortar and pestle for Sandy Springs, GA.

Modern formulas can be prescribed in different ways that make them easy to take.

Different piles of Chinese herbs for herbal medicine, Lawrenceville, GA.
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