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FREE Acupuncture for Veterans

Can I get acupuncture?

If you get healthcare through the Veteran’s Administration you can get FREE acupuncture! In 2014 the Veteran’s Choice program made it possible for veterans to be seen by community providers.  The program was enacted into law under The Mission Act in 2018.


What do I need to do?

All community care requires a consult from a provider at the VA.  Reach out to your primary care doctor or other provider involved with your care and tell them you want to try acupuncture.  We've been successfully working with veterans for almost 10 years and love it! 


What happens next?

When you’re contacted by the scheduling department please make sure you specifically request an appointment for acupuncture at Sun Wellness in Sandy Springs with Dr. Joshua Saul DACM, LAc. or in Lawrenceville with Kimberly Saul LAc.  Insist they setup your appointment at one of our locations and we’ll treat you like family.  We use a wide range of acupuncture therapies and our treatments are gentle, safe and effective. Plus, we can also provide travel vouchers to help you get directly reimbursed for your travel time!


What kinds of conditions can acupuncture treat? 

If you have any questions please give us a call.  We’d be happy to have a chat!

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