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Don't fear the needle


Believe it or not - acupuncture is relaxing!  While it is common for people to immediately think of needles and cringe, acupuncture is nothing like getting the flu shot.  In fact, they are so thin that almost 10 acupuncture needles could fit inside a normal hypodermic needle. Instead of thinking about those painful shots from childhood think more along the lines of a relaxing, restful and refreshing sleep.  Many patients do feel so relaxed that they end up taking a short snooze!


Before your acupuncture treatment begins we require that all patients fill out the appropriate paperwork.  You will need to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment or you can download them here and fill them out before you arrive.


Your practitioner will review your medical history and then invite you to the treatment room to discuss your condition directly in private.  In evaluating your condition to determine the best approach for you, your practitioner will inquire about symptoms, behaviors and lifestyle. He or she will also evaluate your tongue and pulse.  This simply means we'll feel your pulse at the wrist and ask you to briefly stick out your tongue. 

What to expect BEFORE your treatment...

What to expect DURING your treatment...

After your practitioner determines your acupuncture diagnosis and plan of treatment you will relax on the table and the treatment begins.  The practitioner will check in with you throughout the placement of the needles.  Insertion of the needles is usually painless but it does depend on your condition and current state of health.  Most people describe any pain they feel on insertion like being poked with a toothpick.  


The practitioner may stimulate the needles after they have been inserted.  The sensation should feel like there is pressure or a dull ache where the needle is being manipulated.  In some cases, mild electrical stimulation is added to the needles for a stronger treatment or when treating deep muscular injuries.  After the needles are in place the patient rests for about 30-45 minutes.  After the needles have been left in place for the correct amount of time the practitioner returns and removes the needles.  The patient is then allowed to leave and enjoy the day!



To make an appointment, call (844) 878-6935.
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